Mahalo for Participating in the 2015 Great Aloha Run!
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The Great Aloha Run features the ChronoTrack D-Tag Chip Timing System. Each D-Tag contains a sensor which is read at the start and the finish line. The D-Tag transmits a signal which enables the computer to record your official “gun time” as well as your “net time” --- taking into account the actual time that you cross the start line.

In order to get a time, your D-Tag must be worn correctly. Timing D-Tag must be removed from your run number and attached to one of your shoes.

Most common reason you will not receive a time Your D-Tag must remain a circle (Do not flatten your D-Tag.) It must be worn on your shoe, nowhere else. Make sure that you have attached your D-Tag and not the instructions.

For more instructions on how to attach D-Tag timing chip to your shoe, please go to

2015 Live Results
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